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Eggplant Tech established on December 2014 in Asia as an IoT company. In 2015, our brand "Move It" completed its first product crowdfunding campaign on Xiaomi's Youpin platform. Since then, we have became part of Xiaomi's ecosystem, as well as becoming one of the leading integrated hardware and software brands in smart fitness within China. We are a passionate team of over 30 people, consisting of specialized individuals in business development, design, software, electrical, and backend development.


Move It is the idea that the first step towards good health is simply to "just get up and move". Move It is about creating engaging fitness workouts and community experiences to help people feel connected and motivated to embrace exercise as a lifestyle.


Cardio Training Equipment

Muscle Endurance Equipment
Training Accessories

Mobile APP

Download Move It now, and enjoy the immersion of a workout class in the comfort of your own home.

  • Integrated Hardware/Software
  • Tracking Calories Burned
  • Interactive Feedback Workouts
  • Review Historic Fitness Data
  • Professional Content
  • Community Leaderboards

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