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What is included in Move It?

Equipment Stand
H39.9 x W27.6 x D14.7(cm), 0.656kg
H4.7 x W14.3 x D12.2(cm), 0.326kg
Jump Rope Cable Pod
Smart Handlle
L16.0 x D3.6(cm), 0.129kg each
Ab Wheel
W18.2 x D20.0(cm), 0.835kg
Pushup Stand
H10.9 x D17.0(cm), 0.493kg each
Resistance Band
H39.9 x W27.6 x D14.7(cm), 0.656kg
Jump Rope
L7.3 x D3.5(cm), 0.042kg each
Move lt Fitness Set
H40.2 x W38.1 x D20.9(cm), 3.05kg

Product Questions

What is the weight and dimensions of Move It?

Move It’s dimension is 40.2 cm (H) x 38.1 cm (W) x 20.9 cm (D), and weighs approximately 3kg. Move It is compact and designed for mobility.

What is the battery life of Move It?

Move It’s Smart Handles’ battery can last for approximately a week and half of training before recharging is required. You can charge the Smart Handles conveniently with the Charger provided.

What colors are available?

Only "Obsidian Black" at the moment, but other special color options may become available in the future.

Shipping & Ordering Questions

Where can you ship the product, and how much is the cost of shipping?

We've listed the countries where we are able to ship out our product. The cost of shipping may be reduced in the future depending on your location. If we receive a larger order for a specific location, we will contact you and pass down the savings back to you in the form of a refund.

What are the payment options available?

We accept payment by PayPal and credit card (Visa, Mastercard and American Express).

How should we fill out the postal code for our billing order?

Please input your postal code according to your billing address. For countries without a postal code, simply enter “NA” or “00000”.

Do we need to include a contact number for our billing order?

No, it is not necessary to include your contact number. We will confirm your contact and address again once we start the shipping process.

Who is responsible for any additional taxes, duties or VAT?

The buyer is responsible for any additional taxes or tariffs imposed. Please check your country's import duties before purchasing.

Customer Support

Where and how can I get help?

Please send us an email at support@eggplant-tech.com to describe your issue and we will get back to you within 3-5 business days

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